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How to Join ARGSL

Please complete both forms below and e-mail them to us at argsl* Please pay your £6 membership fee by BACS, details are:

The Amphibian and Reptile Group of South Lancashire
The Co-op Bank
Sort code: 089299
Account number 65172737

Under “payment reference” please enter your name so we know it’s your membership payment that’s been received.

icon ARGSL Membership form (186 kB)

icon Download the Volunteer Working Agreement Form (136.23 kB)

ARG UK has produced a generic risk assessment and all volunteers are advised to read this carefully before taking part in activities:

icon Download the ARG-UK Risk Assessment (41.87 kB)

Why become a member of ARGSL?

Becoming a member of ARGSL is a great way to help us, and to develop your knowledge and skills too. The annual membership fee for ARGSL is £6.00.  This money is used directly for conservation purposes, and for essential expenses.

Membership entitles people to:

  • e-mail updates on ARGSL's activities and achievements
  • The opportunity to take part in ARGSL activities -e.g. surveys and conservation tasks.
  • ARG UK Insurance when involved in these activities.
  • A reduced registration fee at the national ARG UK amphibian and reptile conference.

Even if you don’t join in with our activities, simply being a member demonstrates your support and this helps us to promote the case for amphibian and reptile conservation. Membership subscriptions are used carefully by the group and for essential expenses and to support practical conservation work.