Pond Creation at Pleasington, nr Witton Park, Blackburn Print
The creation of 3 new ponds and four shallow scrapes at Pleasington took place in early December 2008 and proved very successful. Here are some photographs showing 'before', 'during' and '1.5 months after' the work.

The newt ponds will benefit Common toads and Smooth newts, which are known to occur in one nearby pond within Witton Park

Photographs of the site before commencement:-

Distant view of Pleasington site before work.JPG
Distant view of the pond creation area, on the edge of the playing field

Pleasington site before work 3.JPG
Part of the pond creation site at Pleasington

Photographs during the excavation in early December 2008:-

Pleasington pond creation 1.JPG

Pleasington pond creation 2.JPG

Pleasington pond creation 3.JPG

Photographs of the ponds in January 2009:


ponds begining to establish 1.JPG

Ponds begining to establish 2.JPG

ponds begining to establish 1.JPG

ARGSL volunteers will now monitor the ponds over the next few years to find out how quickly they are colonised by plantlife and amphibians. 

Future work

ARGSL is keen to carry out practical habitat management tasks that will directly benefit amphibians and reptiles and the volunteers organising tasks are always open to suggestions of suitable practical projects. If you’d like us to help at a site near you please contact us.