Established to promote amphibian and reptile conservation in the vice county of South Lancashire

ARGSL has created 53 amphibian ponds in Lancashire since 2005!




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ARGSL 2016 Review

Click here to read about what ARGSL have been doing in the past year for amphibian and reptile conservation.

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ARGSL Projects Information

ARGSL Projects Information ( 4 Files )

- Flyers, leaflets and information packs about the projects we've been undertaking.....though see the 'Projects' page for more background info too......
ARGSL Events Information

ARGSL Events Information ( 2 Files )

Details of events for 2013 will be added when dates are confirmed. If you can help organise an activity, please contact us at argsl@btinternet.com

ARGSL Forms and Information

ARGSL Forms and Information ( 9 Files )

- Membership, constitution, risk assessment (for volunteers doing surveys with ARGSL) etc...
Related Training Events

Related Training Events ( 0 Files )

- Local Amphibian and Reptile related events not organised by ARGSL - e.g. HCT, ARG UK and others....
Other useful information

Other useful information ( 2 Files )

Publications such as the ARG Today newsletter, handy guidance documents about amphibian and reptile survey methods etc.......

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