Established to promote amphibian and reptile conservation in the vice county of South Lancashire

ARGSL has created 53 amphibian ponds in Lancashire since 2005!



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Recording Tips!

To be of value it’s important that the information supplied is correct, so if you have any doubts about what you’ve seen please take a look at the Species Identification page before submitting your records.

Extra information or comments on your recording form can be useful – such as “found in a garden compost heap” or “brought in by my cat”. If in doubt, please give us these extra details.


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Whats in your pond
We're interested in all observations of amphibians and reptiles in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside, (including the "common" frogs and toads) so please tell us what you've seen by completing one of our recording forms!

Submit your records using our online recording form >>

...or see below for downloadable vesions and full recording forms for more experienced surveyors:

Simple recording form

This form is ideal if you who want to let us know about things you have seen without being asked for detailed information. It has been designed for people who have seen things in their garden or at a site they know well.

Simple recording Form A5
icon Download the Simple recording form (x 1) (169.07 kB)
Simple recording form A4
icon Download the Simple recording form (x2) (279.03 kB)
(Two forms on an A4 sheet - easy to print out!)

Full recording form

This form is designed for more experienced surveyors and allows full details of your observations to be given including survey method, full grid reference and number of individuals seen. If you can, please complete the habitat recording form, aswell as the amphibian recording form.

Microsoft Word Documents which you can fill in and return to us by email, or print out and post to us:
icon Full Amphibian Recording form (162 kB)
icon Full Habitat Recording Form (70 kB)

Excel spreadsheet is designed for consultant ecologists, or surveyors that have multiple records to submit:
icon Full Amphibian Recording form: Spreadsheet (23.5 kB)

Useful Recording Links

If you're trying to find a place or check a grid reference, the following websites are really useful:

Multimap >>

Ordnance Survey "Get a Map" >>

Grab a Grid Reference >>

Nearby.org >>

Google Earth >>

For further information about recording, click here >>

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