Established to promote amphibian and reptile conservation in the vice county of South Lancashire

ARGSL has created 53 amphibian ponds in Lancashire since 2005!

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ARGSL 2014 Review

Click here to read about what ARGSL have been doing in the past year for amphibian and reptile conservation in the area

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Welcome to the Amphibian & Reptile Group for South Lancashire!

What's In Your Pond?

With the longer daylight hours and slightly milder temperatures, it won't be long before frogs are returning to their ponds to breed. You're likely to see the first arrivals after a few days of bright sunny weather and they are usually followed a week or so later by the appearance of frogspawn. If you, or a friend, has a garden pond why not look out for frogs this year and let us know by using our "What's in Your Pond?" website: Http://www.whatsinyourpond.org.uk/. It's not possible for us to collect this information without your help and these observations are valuable to us. We're also keen to hear about newts or toads in your pond and if you need help identifying them there's a handy leaflet that you can download from the Amphibian Identification page of the What's in Your Pond? website.

ARGSL Review 2014

Read about the highlights of 2013 and find out what ARGSL has been doing to promote the conservation of amphibians and reptiles in the area.

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