Established to promote amphibian and reptile conservation in the vice county of South Lancashire

ARGSL has created 53 amphibian ponds in Lancashire since 2005!

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ARGSL 2013 Review

Click here to read about what ARGSL have been doing in the past year for amphibian and reptile conservation in the area

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Welcome to the Amphibian & Reptile Group for South Lancashire!

Habitat Management Task Days - Witton Park, Blackburn

In December 2008, ARGSL created six new ponds in a secluded part of Witton Park, Blackburn. Since then the ponds and their surroundings have become an excellent habitat for amphibians, supporting common frogs, common toads and both smooth and  palmate newts. The area has been monitored and managed by ARGSL for the past six years, demonstrating a long term commitment to projects that the group is involved with. This winter will be a good time to tackle some important habitat management work to maintain the areas value for amphibians; so if you're able to help out you will be very welcome! If you'd like to take part, please email argls*btinternet. com.

The dates for the habitat management work are;

  • Saturday 18th October
  • Saturday 15th November

ARGSL Review 2013

Read about the highlights of 2013 and find out what ARGSL has been doing to promote the conservation of amphibians and reptiles in the area.

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